The Jah Wobble Collection at Andy Baxter Bass

Ampeg, Jah Wobble, Ovation -

The Jah Wobble Collection at Andy Baxter Bass

Andy Baxter is proud to have for sale a small collection of bass guitars and an amplifier, owned by British bass legend, Jah Wobble.

Jah Wobble (AKA John Wardle) is best known as the original bass player and founding member of Public Image Ltd (PiL), formed in 1978 following John Lydon's departure from the Sex Pistols. Wobble’s distinctive low-end bass put PiL on the map and is a key pillar to the band’s unique sound. 

Jah Wobble’s Bass Gear

Ovation Magnum 1: A unique off-set solid body bass with a distinctive low-end thump.

Ovation Magnum 2: Like the Magnum 1, but with active electronics and an on-board 3-band EQ.

Ampeg AEB-1 (frets removed and lines added): Hollow body fretless bass known for its double bass like sound and scroll headstock shape.

Of course, to reproduce that low end post-punk, reggae, ska, dub bass sound, you’ll need to be assisted with some amplification. Jah has been using Ashdown’s all tube powered BTA 400 bass amp head with ABM 1x15 and 4x10 cabinets. The BTA 400 rig is available to purchase from Mark at Old Chapel Studios. Contact:

Jah Wobble and Andy Baxter

Andy met Jah at The London Bass Guitar Show and also knows his bass tech, Mark Hubbard. Mark runs Old Chapel Music Studios in Leeds (the rehearsal space of choice for the Kaiser Chiefs) and is also CEO of Leeds Music Trust. As many of you know, Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars has been relocated back to Andy’s hometown of Leeds since 2019.

Jah has recently made the decision to sell some of his bass collection and Mark suggested his Leeds neighbour, Andy, who welcomes any questions you may have and invites you to demo them in-person at his showroom.