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Andy Baxter is excited to be able to offer 0% finance deals for 6 months and affordable finance options from 9.9% APR over 12, 24, 36 and 48 months.

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Here's a little showroom tour video we shot for fans and customers of Vintage and Rare. Vintage and Rare is a network of retailers of vintage and rare musical instruments - like us! Video Transcript Hi everybody at Vintage and Rare (.com) this is Andy Baxter at my showroom here in London and I'd like to give you a little tour. We start of with Gibson basses. We've usually got in stock EB2s, EB3s, EBOs. Also the larger scale Gibson RD Artist. In-between we have Guild basses, followed up by Pre-Ernie Ball Music Man Stingrays, which are becoming much harder to find...

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Original Article Written for Bass Guitar Magazine Back in 1973 Gibson introduced not one, but two new and distinctive basses to the market, The Ripper and The Grabber. Both basses may have been modest options in terms ok looks - available in limited colour options with no decorative inlays and controls and pickups mounted on the scratch-plate, but the Gibson Grabber and Ripper were quick to become a two of Gibson’s most iconic basses. Both basses introduced an all-new body shape made from maple. Their contoured edge bodies vaguely echoed the SG, whilst their offset horns were clearly reminiscent of...

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