Vintage Guitar & Bass Commission Sales

We can sell your vintage or rare bass or guitar for a 15% commission

Do you have a vintage guitar, bass or amplifier that you’re looking to sell? Learn more about selling your guitar via commission sale (consignment sale) via Andy Baxter. If you're ready to discuss the sale of your instrument, then head straight to the commission sales form.

What is a commission or consignment sale?

At Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars Ltd, we offer customers the option to sell their vintage guitars and vintage basses via consignment sale - sometimes referred to as a commission sale - whereby we take 15% commission (less shipping costs) upon the sale of the instrument and pass the remaining 85% back to you*.

What types of guitars and basses do you take in for commission sales?

We will consider most vintage guitars, vintage basses, and even vintage amplifiers for commission sale. If you have an instrument that’s in keeping with what’s for sale on our website, then we would be interested in hearing from you via the commission sales form below.

What’s better financially for me? Selling via consignment or selling to you directly?

In most cases, it will work out better financially for those selling via commission. We charge 15% of the sale price (less shipping costs) and no money is handled until the instrument is sold. However, we also give customers (sellers) the option to sell their instruments to us, should they require a quick sale. If you’re looking for a quick sale, then please visit our sell your vintage guitar or bass page. In either case, we will give you an estimated return to you based on the pictures and information you provide, prior to a physical inspection.

Who would selling via commission suit best?

People who usually sell via commission are those happy to wait for the guitar/bass to sell before receiving their payment.

What if the item needs work before it can be sold?

As part of our sales process, we’ll set up the instrument, clean it and even re-string it free of charge to make it ready for sale. However, If your guitar or bass needs repair work to make it sellable, then we will make you aware of this usually upon initial inspection and before carrying out any work so there are no unexpected costs. This is made on a case-by-case basis depending on the work required if any. *Repair costs are deducted from the 85% of monies due to you from the sale.

When will I receive the money generated from the sale?

We will make you aware when the item has been sold and a payment date will be arranged. Please note: The purchaser has a 14-day approval period from the date the instrument is delivered as per distance selling, which is detailed in our returns policy.

How long will it typically take to sell my Instrument?

Most of our stock of vintage guitars and basses sells within the first 3 months of advertisement, however, it’s often sold within the first few weeks. This information is based on our track record of many years of experience in dealing with vintage instruments. We will list the instrument for sale via our website (and other marketing platforms) for as long as you are happy to leave the instrument with us.

What if I change my mind?

Everyone is entitled to change their mind and if at any point you no longer wish to sell your vintage guitar or bass, then the instrument can be collected or returned to you. Sometimes though, if the instrument needed setting-up, re-stringing or any other work to make it saleable, then workshop costs will be chargeable, but this will all be agreed upon in advance.

Why choose Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars for my commission sale?

Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars has established a name as one of the best places to shop for vintage guitars, basses and amplifiers in Europe. Andy is also an avid classic guitar & bass collector and is always on the lookout for high-quality vintage instruments to buy. Andy dedicates a lot of time to taking professional photographs of each instrument - including detailed views of each component, as you can see from the listings on this website. Andy’s listings show off the instruments in all their glory and this drives a huge amount of interest from potential buyers as a result. Many of our previous sellers who chose to sell their instrument via commission/consignment sale told us they were more than happy with the 15% markup on sale, taking into account our industry knowledge, wide customer reach, professional photography and online marketing.

How do we get started?

If you want to sell your guitar or bass via commission sale, then please fill out the form below, including pictures and give us as much information as possible, so that we can get back to you to discuss pricing as well as delivery/collection.