Introducing Alpher Instruments: Yorkshire's Finest Bass Guitars Now Available at Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars!

Alpher Instruments -

Introducing Alpher Instruments: Yorkshire's Finest Bass Guitars Now Available at Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars!

As the Bass Guitar world continues to evolve, both musicians and enthusiasts are always on the lookout for fresh and exciting instruments. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars, is now stocking Alpher Instruments, one of the newer brands of bass guitars, hailing from the beautiful county of Yorkshire, UK - just 20 miles up the road from Andy’s Leeds Showroom.

About Alpher Instruments

Co-founded, co-owned and co-run by Alex Wood and Chris Dobson, Alpher Instruments is a brand that epitomizes the rich heritage of UK craftsmanship. Each Alpher bass guitar is meticulously handcrafted in their Yorkshire workshop using the finest quality materials and components to deliver the very best possible quality. Some Alpher Instruments feature hardware and electrics from brands including Hipshot, Schaller, Nordstrand, East UK, Aguilar, Darkglass Electronics, Curtis Novak, Bareknuckle Pickups, Sunbear, TV Jones and Lollar.

The instruments are the result of years of Alex & Chris’ dedication and passion for creating exceptional bass guitars, ensuring that every musician who picks up an Alpher experiences the epitome of craftsmanship and tone.

What sets Alpher Instruments apart from the rest is their unwavering commitment to detail. From the selection of tonewoods to the assembly of each instrument, every step is undertaken with meticulous precision.

Andy Baxter & Alpher Instruments

Andy has always been one to support small businesses, let alone small, local businesses - but the decision to stock Alpher Instruments at Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars was driven by a shared love for excellence in craftsmanship in the bass guitar world.

While Andy will be aiming to stock Alpher’s flagship models, the Elite, Prime and Prime V2. Aplher also offers a bespoke service, whereby each is specifically tailored to suit the individual requirements of the customer.

We believe Alpher Instruments is poised to make a significant impact in the bass guitar world, and their partnership with Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars solidifies their place among the most reputable and sought-after brands.

Visit Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars today to explore our selection of Alpher Instruments.