Duesenberg Guitars Now Available at Andy Baxter

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Duesenberg Guitars Now Available at Andy Baxter

We are really excited to announce that we have recently become an authorised dealer in the UK for Duesenberg guitars at Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars Ltd. 

About Duesenberg Guitars

Duesenberg guitars are expertly manufactured in Germany, with every single component made in-house. Yes, that’s right. Every part on a Duesenberg guitar is designed, manufactured and fitted by Duesenberg’s luthiers. Whilst some Duesenberg guitars models’ shapes and colours are prevalent in instruments created in the 1940s and 1950s, there are elements that are boldly unique - with features and hardware that you will only ever see on a Duesenberg.

Duesenberg themselves say “ONLY A DUESENBERG FEELS LIKE A DUESENBERG”, and we think they’re right. 

Why Duesenberg Guitars?

As some of you may know, Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars has established a name as one of the best places to shop for vintage guitars, basses and amplifiers in Europe. Over the last 10+ years, Andy has built a business on the buying and selling of guitars and basses from manufacturers like Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Martin & Gretsch - however, Andy has relished in the opportunity to get his hands on one of his favourite guitar brands available today.

Duesenberg guitars are amongst the most desirable newly manufactured guitars that we’ve seen in the last few decades. We would put that down to three things, quality, performance and cool, distinctive looks.

What pickups do Duesenberg use?

Just like we said earlier, every single component is made in-house - and so are the pickups. Duesenberg use their own expertly designed pickups, known for their excellent clarity and characterful tone.

Duesenberg’s pickup range includes humbuckers, P90s and single coils - with every angle covered. One of our favourites is the Domino bridge P90 pickup, designed by Duesenberg founder Dieter Gölsdorf. It replicates a real P90 whilst capturing the essence of the 1950's pre-humbucker tone.

What Duesenberg Guitars do you stock?

As a new brand to Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars, Andy has really fleshed out which models to stock. Duesenberg guitars include models that have guitarists covered from almost every style of music. To start with, we’ve chosen something to suit the style of a range of guitarists, in terms of looks and tone, from the Starplayer TV (Silver Sparkle is awesome!) to the Paloma and the Falcon. 

Here’s our first batch, but we can’t wait to get more...

If you don't see the Duesenberg guitar model you’re looking for on our website, then do feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Why buy from Andy Baxter?

Andy operates by appointment only from his showroom in Leeds and also ships instruments worldwide via courier. Unlike other retailers of new instruments, Andy draws from his skills in selling vintage and rare guitars, and as such, takes the time to take high-end, detailed photographs of each and every Duesenberg guitar on the website. This way, you know the guitar you see online, is the guitar you will receive.

Also, you will notice that Andy’s pricing is very competitive. 

Who plays Duesenberg Guitars?

Duesenberg has an amazing artist roster, and that’s no surprise when the product is this good! Among their pro players are Bob Dylan, Ron Wood, Mike Campbell, Elvis Costello, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, John Mayer and the late Chris Cornell.

Fancy checking out some Duesenberg guitars? Head over to andybaxterbass.com.