Music Man Stingray First Production Model

Music Man, Stingray -

Music Man Stingray First Production Model

Fans and customers of Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars will know that Andy offers a diverse variety of vintage bass brands, including Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Music Man and Hofner. In his time, Andy has come across some extremely rare and highly admired basses... but for the Music Man fans out there – this is perhaps one of the most iconic basses in history.

It is the first production model Music Man Stingray Bass, made by Leo Fender. It was presented to Forrest White (former Vice President at Fender) in 1976 and has the serial number B001000.

The Music Man story began in 1971 when Forrest White and Tom Walker, a former sales rep at Fender formed the company, then known as ‘Tri-Sonix’ – or more frequently referred to as ‘Tri-Sonic’. Leo Fender became a silent partner of the company but a 10-year non-compete clause was written into the contract when Fender sold to CBS in 1965. In January 1974 the company was renamed as ‘Music Man’.

The 1976 catalogue features the first stingray offerings; the ‘StingRay 1’ electric guitar and of course, the ‘StingRay’ Bass – featuring the famous Stingray bolt on neck design, 3+1 tuner arrangement, a single large hum-bucking pickup and a two-band fixed-frequency EQ.

“This bass is in truly remarkable condition. It has the most beautiful Ash body with a stunning highly figured maple neck. This bass shows barely any use, and because of this, it shows virtually no wear. A serious collectors piece and a true piece of rock n roll history. This is No.1.”

Andy Baxter, founder of Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars, London.

The bass includes a signed letter from Forrest White’s wife, certifying that the bass belonged to Forrest White. “It was from his personal collection. He had this instrument for many years and it was one of his favourites”, claimed Mrs White.

The bass is for sale at the cool price of £15,995. A serious collectors item… or a fair price to pay for literally “Number 1”, some would argue.