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Orange TH30 With Flight Case & Footswitch

1964 Selmer Truevoice Treble N Bass Fifty amplifier head in very good condition. It appears to be all original including the Mullard valves. The serial number is missing from the back panel so I have estimated the year of production to be 1964 as this amp has 4 pre-amp valves (in 65 only 3 pre-amps valves were used).

The T'n'B 50 was probably the longest-running Selmer amplifier in production, from the early '60s to the late '70s, and certainly, it sold very well as many are still around and in use today. The T'n'B was introduced in 1964 and would appear to be physically identical to the Bassmaster 50 (it's precursor) apart from the model designation on the front panel, and very similar inside with the same valve line-up of ECC83 (initially 4 - but 3 in later models), EL34 (2) & GZ34 (1).

It has a leather handle with Vox-type mounting brackets and vent grilles. It has 2 channels (normal and bass) which each have 2 inputs and controls for volume, treble and bass, and an on/off switch with pilot light. On the rear of the chassis are a voltage selector, 2 slo-blo fuses and 15 & 7.5-ohm speaker output sockets.

This simple, functional and reliable amplifier occupies sonic territory somewhere between Vox and Marshall and can emulate both, probably the reason for its popularity. recently serviced by Mac amplification in Leeds. It comes with 30 days warranty.